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  • Games, music, system sounds, video calls, browsers, headsets, audio interfaces and microphones can be easily added to BEACN Mix Create knobs. Set up custom submixes, route audio to and from your headphones, chat mic output and broadcast stream, define custom mute modes, save profiles and more with our free BEACN App.

    • Comprehensive Windows audio mixer allows you to directly control volume levels of any audio sources: applications, connected microphones, headsets, and audio interfaces
    • Smooth push-button encoders allow precise volume control and quick muting
    • Full color 5” screen with customizable elements shows which apps or hardware you are controlling at a glance
    • Submixes let you and your audience hear different levels or audio sources. Quickly check your stream mix with a dedicated submix button
    • Easy audio routing table gives you complete control of where your audio goes, headphones, chat applications or live stream
    • Store and recall complete profiles to easily switch between streaming, gaming, podcasting, working or just hanging out
    • Quickly swap between two Personal Listening Device outputs like speakers and headphones 2M USB C to A cable included

    BEACN Mix Create - Audio Mixer for Content Creators

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    $174.99Sale Price
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