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  • Games, music, system sounds, video calls, browsers, headsets, audio interfaces, and microphones can be easily added to a BEACN Mix knob via drag and drop in our app. There’s no need for complex studio equipment, just plug in BEACN Mix, download the application and you’re done!


    • Windows audio controller allows you to directly control volume levels of any audio sources: applications, connected microphones, headsets, and audio interfacesSmooth push-button encoders allow precise volume control and quick muting
    • Full color 5” screen with customizable elements shows which apps or hardware you are controlling at a glance
    • Custom BEACN application (free download) lets you drag and drop audio sources to knobs in seconds
    • Quickly swap between two Personal Listening Device outputs like speakers and headphones 
    • 2M USB C to A cable included 

    BEACN Mix - Easy Audio Mixer for Content Creators

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    $124.99Sale Price
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